Welcome to the Acumos Documentation project page!

If you are looking for Acumos platform documentation, please visit docs.acumos.org.

Project Description:

  • The Docs team is responsible for the documentation curation, procedures, best practices and tools
  • The documentation repository contains end-user guides, with content provided by the developers who work on the Portal Marketplace, Design Studio, Onboarding, Deployment, Platform OA&M, and System Integration components
  • Editorial support in producing project-and-component-level documentation for Acumos releases
  • Define guidelines and tooling for documentation handling across all Acumos projects
    • Style Guide
    • Templates
    • Tooling for locally building docs with Sprinx
  • Maintain the Acumos documentation project 

The Art of Documentation for Open Source Projects - Ben Hall, Katacoda

PTLAkashdeep Srivastava
Mailing List

acumosaidevdiscuss - use tag "[docs]" in the subject line

@TODO - add link to mailing list archive

IRC Channel#acumos-docs


Github clone


for patches:

git clone ssh://<yourGerridID>@gerrit.acumos.org:29418/documentation


git clone https://gerrit.acumos.org/r/documentation

Jirahttps://jira.acumos.org component is "documention"

  • Lorraine Welch

Please note that Docs project team members are all part-time or less, so it may take time to respond to inquiries.


No scheduled meetings. Feel free to reach out via email.

Etherpad: https://etherpad.acumos.org/p/docs-project

IRC: #acumos-docs

Contributor's GuideDocs Contributor Guide – this is a WIP - help us improve it!

@TODO - add links to planning etherpads, formal release plans, and areas that need major work

Boreas Initiatives

  • Technical
    • Acumos-1178 Add "Report Issue" ribbon
    • Acumos-1177 Convert Docs project and component projects to use Intersphinx linking

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