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APPROVED by voice vote at the TSC meeting on 14 May 2018.

Acumos Technical Community Document Section 4.1.3

4.1.3 Project Team Lead (PTL)

A project is required to elect a Project Team Lead, who is the one point of contact responsible for representing the project to the rest of the community. Duties of a PTL will be outlined on the Acumos wiki (PTL Guide page) or in a Project Team Guide. Candidates and Elections

An election for PTL occurs when any of the following are true:

  • The project is initially created

  • The PTL resigns his or her post

  • The majority of Committers on a project vote to call a new election

  • One year has passed since the last PTL election for that project

Candidates for PTL will be derived from the Committers on a project. Candidates must self-nominate. Only Committers on the project are able to vote for the project’s PTL. Process

When it is time for a PTL election, the current PTL should begin the process by asking all the current committers to self-nominate if they would like to run for PTL. This call for nominees should be sent to the acumosaidevdiscuss mailing list and may take the following form:

From: <current PTL>


Subject: [project tag] PTL Call for Nominations

Body: the body should contain the following:

  • Duration of Nomination Phase: (eg 1 or 2 weeks)

  • Duration of Election/Voting Phase: (eg 1 or 2 weeks)

  • How to Self-Nominate: reply-all to this email

  • Nominees must be committers on the project

A candidate needs to reply-all with their indication to run for PTL. The nominees may include their qualifications and statement of intent (what you intend to accomplish as PTL) Voting Process

The Condorcet Internet Voting Service website will be used for PTL election voting. Step-by-step guidelines for creating a poll will be published either on the Acumos wiki or in a Project Team Guide. After Voting

At the completion of voting, the current PTL should inform the TSC of the results by sending an email to the TSC mailing list. Poll results must be included in the email. Additionally, the voting results should be emailed to the acumosaidevdiscuss list.

The incoming PTL should update the "Key Project Facts" section of the project wiki page as well as the INFO file in the project and/or component repository/repositories, including a link to the voting results email in the gerrit review.

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