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The Logging page has been moved to the OA&M space.

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  1. We inherited from previous projects the following Logback pattern:

    %date{ISO8601}|%X{RequestId}|%X{ServiceInstanceId}|%thread|%X{VirtualServerName}|%X{ServiceName}|%X{InstanceUUID}|%.-5level|%X{AlertSeverity}|%X{ServerIPAddress}|%X{ServerFQDN}|%X{RemoteHost}|%X{ClassName}|%X{Timer}| %msg%n

    This was developed for a web server in a high-availability environment including a virtual server name, instance UUID, FQDN, remote host etc. Please consider this as an example, NOT my recommendation, because it's not suitable for all uses.

  2. I would like to offer these requirements for an Acumos logging standard:

    1. It must includes column(s) for the code to report the location where the log was generated; for Java this is a class name, for other languages it may be a class, method or other file name. 
    2. It should allow additional columns without causing the log interpreter to fail.
    3. It must not require columns to be populated that are not easily obtained. For example, an ID of a request to a web server and the IP address of that server is easy & useful for the web server to log, but impossible for an unrelated library to know.
  3. Team, I am doing a final pass with Shishir on the onap logging spec today - you can use the MDC table as a reference between the two projects then.

    1. spec is finalized for casablanca now - filling out devops section in

      post to the pages for any edits required or questions