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https://identity.linuxfoundation.orgThe Linux Foundation identity management web site. Linux Foundation release engineering team's service desk.
https://gerrit.acumos.orgThe Gerrit code review server hosts the Git repositories and supports the review, merge and release processes. The review process basically requires all users to follow something like a conventional git pull-request process, but restricts the publication (push) of private branches.
https://jenkins.acumos.orgJenkins is the continuous-integration server aka the build server. All users can see the contents of the Jenkins; no users can modify the configuration nor start a job in this Jenkins. Jenkins sandbox is a place for testing Jenkins job configurations.  After requesting access, users can create jobs, reconfigure jobs, trigger builds etc. After JJB templates have been tested in the sandbox they can be submitted for the main Jenkins server.
https://jira.acumos.orgJira is the web site that tracks issues, epics, stories, etc.

This Nexus 2 repository holds Maven (i.e., jar) artifacts produced by builds. Snapshot and staging builds are all deployed to this repository.  Release artifacts are created by promoting artifacts manually from the staging repository after suitable approval. Publicly accessible to users without credentials. All users should be able to access and browse artifacts through this URL.

This Nexus 3 server publishes external and internal Docker images. Supports the following registries:

  • Public mirror registry: This acts as a mirror of the public registry at
  • Release registry: This is a VIEW offering access to the public registry mirror AND the Acumos releases (docker images promoted manually from the staging registry after suitable approval)
  • Snapshot registry: This contains docker images produced by verify and some merge jobs, primarily Java projects.
  • Staging registry: This contains docker images produced by stage (sometimes called release) some merge jobs and also stage-release jobs.

These registries are open for anonymous read access. The Jenkins server has credentials to push images to the snapshot and staging registries, and to promote images to the release registry. Manual push of images is not supported.

https://sonar.acumos.orgSonar analyzes Java code for quality issues and code coverage achieved by unit tests (JUnit).