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Beginning and ending a meeting

  • #startmeeting  Documentation weekly Starts the meeting: . At the start of a meeting, issue a #startmeeting command followed by meeting name to tell the robot the meeting has begun.

  • #chair bryan_att  Adds a co-chair. The IRC handle of the person who starts the meeting is initially the only person who can set topics, agree on actions and end the meeting. Add other people to enable multiple people to manage the meeting.

  • #endmeeting  Ending Ends the meeting. Ending the meeting frees MeetBot up for other meetings, and posts the links to the HTML and raw minutes in the IRC channel.

Taking notes

  • #topic Review action items: Start by setting a topic. A new #topic automatically changes the topic and closes the previous item

  • #info dneary suggested using MeetBot for meeting minutes: #info is the most basic MeetBot command, recording a note

  • #link a #link command will include a link to an external resource in minutes

  • #agreed Acumos will be written in COBOL: Record agreements to document consensus

  • #action aimeeu to port the Linux kernel to COBOL before next week's meeting: Recording action items creates a summary section at the end of minutes

  • #startvote do you approve a 15 minute coffee break? (+1, 0, -1): command to start voting

  • #vote +1: approval vote (0 for abstain and 1 for non-approval)

  • #endvote command to end voting

  • #undo Mistakes happen, sometimes multiple people minute the same thing, or record a comment on the wrong topic. #undo removes the last addition to the minutes (#idea, #info, #action, #topic, etc.) from the stack