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This space will focus on the Acumos project infrastructure, as a precursor and supplement as needed to the Acumos developer and user documentation, when published. In the near term it will provide an overview of the tools setup by the LF IT team for the Acumos project.

Current Tools

helpdesk@acumos.orgAcumos Helpdesk, as interim and supplement to JIRA project for infra etc once ticket status account on that portal, for your email address.Set initial password by visiting, and selecting "Forgot your password?".
https://jira.acumos.orgProject management systemby LF IDLogin to update content
https://wiki.acumos.orgWiki (this wiki)by LF IDLogin to update content list etc signup IRC (use any native or web client e.g.

Realtime and async direct communication. Supported by logging bots for collection of project meeting minutes, and integrated with other infra tools via IRC bots, e.g. for various types of notices. Specific channels will be setup including #lf-releng (LF's common release engineering support channel) and #acumos (general Acumos community channel), and other channels as needed/desired (anyone can create a channel).



openYou can reserve your IRC nickname at by creating an account signupCurrently LF-internal use
https://gerrit.acumos.orggit-based code submission and review frontendopen, by LF IDLogin to submit/review/etc serviceby LF IDLogin to see jobs logsopen
https://nexus.acumos.orgArtifact repositoryopen Hub repositoryopen

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