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This page describes the charter of the Acumos TSC Community Committee, as approved for formation by the TSC on 2018 03 27. This charter is a work in progress, as the committee forms.


Community meetings Page


The Acumos TSC Community Committee is delegated the responsibility to address the following (details to be provided to clarify these aspects as needed):

  • Product functionality
    • Overall goals: description of what the Acumos project members want from products of the project (e.g. the Acumos platform and federated marketplace), and how they should serve the project's goals of developing a rich ecosystem of AI/ML models and solutions
    • Use Cases: descriptions of user experience goals for the various types of users of the Acumos platform (e.g. modelers, model users, platform operators), as they interact with the platform in fulfilling those various roles
  • Release roadmap/plans
  • Model Management
  • Catalog growth
  • Policies

In addressing those areas, the committee will:

  • Meet regularly to hold discussions in its scope.
  • Focus on the "products" of the Acumos project, which include the Acumos platform. the ecosystem of federated Acumos marketplaces, and the catalog of models that it helps develop
  • Document product-focused goals, use cases, processes, and policies supporting its scope, for publication on and on the Community Committee Home wiki space.
  • Develop a roadmap of the related Acumos release functionality, as input to the Architecture Committee, the Security Committee, and the community at large.
  • Report regularly to the TSC on progress.
  • As needed, seek TSC approval of its work.

Further information about the Community Committee is provided at the Community Committee Home.

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