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M1 Release Planning Milestone definition

  1. Use the "Copy" and "Move" options (available under the ..., top right of this page) to duplicate this template into your project wiki.
  2. Fill out the Yes/No column
  3. Provide link to evidence (when necessary)

Practice Area



Supporting Documentation


Product Management

Are Product Backlog Epics entered in Jira?

Are Product Backlog Stories entered in Jira?

Are Product Backlog Stories linked to Product Backlog Epics?

Are Product Backlog Stories prioritized?

Is the project team ready to estimate the top Stories (for coming Sprint) in Product backlog?

Are Team Members willing to create User Stories/Tasks and associate them with Epics in Jira?”

Release Management

Is there a Release Planning Template available and completed in wiki?

Release Planning Template

Have all the "Release Components Name" been defined in your project? (this includes all Sub-Components Names, Sub-Components Repositories Names, Maven Group ID, Sub-Components Description)

Release Resources

Have all the "Resources committed to the Release" been defined in your project? This includes First and Last names, LFID, Email Address and Location for PTL, Project Manager, Committers and Contributors.

Release Resources

Have new developers made themselves familiar on theDeveloper's Guide?

Acumos Developer's Guide to CI-CD Resources and Processes at the LF

Is the project team aware of the Release milestone? Any misses will required TSC exception.

Integration and Testing

Has the Integration Team defined the automation test cases list?

Link to evidence

Has the Integration Team defined the End 2 End Release Test Cases?

Link to evidence


Is the Project Team committed to develop Unit Test?

Has the Project Team put in place an Automated Unit Test infrastructure?

Is the Project Team committed to create Continuous System Integration Testing (CSIT) test case?

Is the Project Team committed to perform Scrum ceremonies?

Are the Project Team members aware of Continuous Integration Principles (don't break the build, Fix the build,...)?

Has the Project Team a clear understanding on the Code Coverage expectations?

Is the Project Team willing to comply to the Commit Process?

Does the Project Team understand the purpose of Code Review?

Code Review

Is the Project Team aware of the Coding Guidelines?

Development Practices (Java Coding Style)

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