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1. This is Clio release assembly. This assembly consists new features and bug fixes from all components. Below are the key features delivered in Clio release.

  • ONAP Integration: Acumos AI/ML models can now be used in ONAP for virtualized network elements automation and optimization.
  • ORAN 5G RIC/XApp Deployment: Acumos AI/ML models can be deployed in ORAN RIC as XApp micro services to help optimize virtualized RAN.
  • IPR/Cross Company Licensing Entitlement: Companies can publish commercial models and negotiate license agreements for use of their models. Implementation of new License Usage Manager feature enables the support of license entitlements for Acumos models.
  • Data/Training Pipelines: New feature to help data scientists create, integrate and deploy NiFi data pipelines.
  • Pluggable MLWB Framework: Enterprise Design Tools are now Integrated to support pluggable framework.
  • Support for C/C++ Client: Acumos has added the ability to onboard and deploy ML models in C and C++ languages (in additional to Java, Python, and R).
  • Onboarding Spark/Java: Acumos can now take advantage of the popular Apache Spark cluster computing framework when onboarding and deploying ML models.
  • Model Ratings: Automated way of assigning initial ratings to models based on available metadata.
  • Enhanced Platform Adaptation on Kubernetes: Through integration of a Jenkins server as a workflow engine, Acumos now supports customization to meet Operator needs in mission-critical business functions such as how Acumos ML solutions are assessed for compliance with license and security policies, and where/how Acumos ML solutions are deployed for use under Kubernetes.

2. Platform-Components:


Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes Release Notes release notes Release Notes











3. Model-execution-components:

4. Libraries:

  • Acumos Java client - 3.1.0
  • TOSCA - 2.0.0
  • Common Dataservice client - CDS – 3.0.0
  • Generic Data mapper service – TBD
  • License-Manager-Client-Library - 1.4.0

5. Development notes and configuration changes:


6. Defects:


T P Status Component(s) Key Fix Version(s) Summary

7. User Stories:


T P Status Component(s) Key Fix Version(s) Summary

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