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Acumos platform logging is based upon the ONAP standard ELK stack services, and a set of logging standards that define what "Mapped Diagnostic Context" (MDC) items (i.e. logged event fields/data) are mandatory and optional in logs. Acumos may modify/extend this, but it's expected to be as aligned as possible in the core elements.

The logging service will be provided by a set of components, including:

  • filebeat
  • metricbeat
  • elasticsearch
  • logstash
  • kibana

It's assumed that all Acumos core platform components will implement the logging standards as users of Java-based or python-based logging API libraries from ONAP. The Acumos core components are:

  • azure-client
  • common-data-svc
  • design-studio
  • federation-gateway
  • onboarding
  • portal-fe
  • portal-be
  • openstack-client

Deployed solution components:

  • databroker
  • model-connector

Beyond the Acumos core components, other components may support these standards if there is a compatible library for the programming environment that the components run under. The non-core components are:

  • hippo-cms
  • mariadb
  • nexus
  • kong
  • docker


Following is an example of this logging configuration file, which Acumos components can use to help standardize their implementation; all four log files will used the same format:

 in progress

Log Standards

Specific methods of invoking the logging service are covered in the ONAP Application Logging Specification v1.2 (Casablanca), with examples. See the Log Standards page on this wiki for the standards to be adopted in Acumos, including Acumos-specific aspects.


ONAP Casablanca release logging specification is the common log spec for MDC's and Markers between ONAP and Acumos - except for extensions on this Acumos project.

ONAP/Acumos Logging specification collaboration epic -

ONAP/Acumos Logging weekly meeting (last 30 of 1130 EDT GMT-4) -

Jira Items

Platform-OAM and Logging Subsystem

Key Summary T Updated Due Assignee P Status Labels

Following are the current Jira items for the logging stack components and the Platform-OAM component.

Other Components etc

Following are the current Jira items for components that use the logging stack to create log entries.

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