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What did we do well?

  • Tool for licensing creation was helpful to testing team - Ken Kristiansen - should we make the webform part of a Admin toolset?
  • Architecture council meetings - good demos of tracking usage and rtu
  • Unit testing for License Management RTU library
  • Consensus that Michelle makes sure she is listening to all the community members to drive towards the best solution.
  • Opportunities to get into touch points - go to the areas that were not license specific 
    • portal, sv, model connector, model runner, deployment
  • irc chat helped with cross team communication

What should we have done better?

  • More analysis of the UI by team - late changes to RTU configuration
  • How do we reduce interactions/ prevent integration issues? Dependents were not complete.
  • Dependency of License Mgr on Security Verification - need to separate.
  • Identify dependencies with other components - plan development accordingly to remove bottleneck, agree on timeline for code completion.
  • License scanning is part of SV – and the decision was not 
  • Suggestion to provide Unit Test results to IST team
  • Look at decoupling license scanning from Security Verification code 
  • Demo timing planned for each sprint - allow use of dev instance with unit test results for when integrated components are not ready
  • Start Integration Testing earlier, not wait until the end - 
    • How do we test earlier .. do not wait till the end E2E phase – running tests as part of jenkins/ CI pipeline
  • Improve Release Notes – config issues, breaking changes, Jira release notes. clearer status, config / yaml  on Weekly Builds
  • Component level Release Notes (RST) vs Assembly Notes (pre-Release Notes via email)) vs Release Notes for Release Mgt.
  • Model runner/ connector - how do we find the test cases?
  • Open up Acumos Developer's Guide to CI-CD Resources and Processes at the LF#CDResourcesandProcessesattheLF-Stagingareleasecandidate — no where is weekly assembly / release management handoff.
  • Gardianship role – improve workflow / adhere to timelines / clearly in Jira
    • Apply more stringent adherence to schedule and reinforcement   
    • Request everyone utilize Jira in order to keep track and not have to track down one-off documentation.
    • What happens after delivered status? filling out release notes.
    • prevent sliding jiras – assign to sprint
  • robot framework tests contributions
  • Hard stop for meetings 
  • Improve overall communication throughout team members, across companies - some form of chat or instant messaging
  • How to handle escalation when dependent items are done in time based on plan. How to replan?
  • More frequent retrospectives maybe at sprint level