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Please find the detailed Testing completion report for Acumos Clio Release (Final Release Assembly - Acumos_Clio_1911080900)  


This is a report of the round of testing for the Acumos Clio Release . The test were performed on ISTenvironment using the component version details at the below link:

Items covered in the report are the following:

  1. Major highlights of the Clio release tested
  2. Test cases - Automation and Manual Testing
  3. Traceability Matrix
  4. New Issues reported post last cycle completion report
  5. Open Defects summary
  6. Closed defect since Last Test Certification report
  7. Delivered defects in current build and Status

Note- 100% testing completed with no Blocker/Critical/High defects.

1.Major highlights of the Clio release tested:

   Model On Boarding/ Common Services  -  Generation of Spark/Java and C/C++ client

   Design Studio/ Machine Learning Workbench - Framework extended to support no-SQL database (Couch DB)

   Web component support for pluggable framework, Project Predictor Mapping, Model Asset Mapping & Collaboration

   Federation -  ONAP model Integration with Acumos AI Marketplace and O-RAN Integration

  License Management - License Usage Manager (LUM) ,License Entitlement/RTU, License Profile and IP Asset Protection Rights (Limited beta testing)

  Deployment - Jenkins as a workflow engine as a standalone or on-demand Kubernetes service.


     2.Test Cases - Automation and Manual Testing:

       There were 79 test scripts run through Automation and 78 test cases were Passed.

        (Failed Scenario: Verify API token is deleted by click on the delete token hyperlink- ACUMOS-3685)

        Automation Testing -

        New Clio test cases = 192 And Regression test cases = 64

        Manual Testing -


     3.Traceability Report (Acumos_Clio_1911080900)

    4. New Issues Reported post Last Test Certification report (11/11 - 11/15): 16


    5. Open Defects Summary:[Open , Reopened, In Progress]

 6. Closed defect since Last Test Certification report (Total: 9)

7. Defect delivered on Acumos_Clio_1911080900: 4

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