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LF Deep Learning Foundation’s Platform For Harmonizing Machine Learning Tools and AI Microservices

The Deep Learning technical community discusses the Acumos AI Project and how Acumos can be used by model developers and IT professionals to deliver machine learning solutions via a secure marketplace.

This 1-day event precedes the first public release of Acumos AI, This is the first public release of a project of the LF Deep Learning Foundation.
The day featured demonstrations and discussions of the Acumos Marketplace, a review of Acumos platform components, a panel discussion of the priorities and future direction of the platform in upcoming releases, and many talks on AI and Machine Learning from a variety of companies and individuals.

A recording of the Zoom conference can be found here: Acumos AI Day Videos

Presentations Delivered At Our Acumos AI Day Conference

    • Welcome To Acumos Day NYC by Mazin Gilbert

  • AI Open Source Technologies - Today and Tomorrow by Susan Malaika, IBM

  • Combined slide deck of Farheen, Manoop, Paul, Guy, Kazi  

  • Introduction to the Acumos AI Challenge

  • Cancer Classification Model by Rhutvij Savant , Stevens Institute of Technology

  • User Review Prediction via CLSTM by Jinhe Shi and Yuhua Gong, New Jersey Institute of Technology

  • AI Transforming The Physical World by Saar Yoskovitz, Augury

  • Challenges In Harnessing Wearables, Machine Learning And Big Data Analytics For Better Care by Eran Ofir, Somatix


  • Assembling AI Pipelines with Acumos by Gurudutt Hosangad, Nokia

  • Beyond Artificial Neural Networks : Neuroscience Inspired AI by Nikunj Nirmal, Tech Mahindra

  • LF Deep Learning Project: Open Source Innovation in AI by Ofer Hermoni, Amdocs

  • Model and Data Industrialization and Commercialization Needs & Challenges: Making AI Real by Nimish Radia, Ericsson

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