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This page is to capture the ONS 2019 demos and presentation's feedback received from various folks, that might help product community focus on the possible features in next releases.

  1. Acumos Demos at AT&T demo booth
    • Scope:
      • Acumos video analytics demo is shown
      • 5G throughput model federation between Ericsson and AT&T demo is shown
    • Feedback/Questions/Comments: 
      • Many audience were asking for the plan about models shared in the public marketplace - Which other companies are planning to share more sample models into public instance?
      • Many people were interested in the training and dataset aspects - are existing training tools supported or integrated? can the datasources be used to train realtime model?
      • What are the other competing platforms similar to Acumos and how is it different? and what are the future release goals to keep it unique or integrate with existing platforms?
      • Huawei looking to put together a internal demo to showcase the successful model and data federation aspect - no idea if this will be open-sourced though.
  2. Acumos-ONAP Talk/Presentation (LU, TINGTING <> and Manoop Talasila  presented)
    • Scope:
      • Acumos-ONAP integration plan is presented to ONAP audience to get their support from components like SDC, DCAE, Policy which requires complete plumbing from Acumos to deploy a ML model into ONAP.
    • Feedback/Questions/Comments: 
      • Vodaphone ( proposed ONAP 5G video analytics usecase that requires ML model to optimize the network slicing and they mentioned that they are reviewing Acumos to be used in their usecase.
      • Intel ( proposed ML model use in ONAP to apply for distributed analytics (under "Release 5 goals - Some real AI based analytics"). This is another area where Acumos can be integrated.
      • For ONAP El Alto release (E-release), Acumos product committee need to work with ONAP TSC ( - ONAP TSC chair) to get the Acumos integration features reviewed and approved, so that they will be part of the official ONAP E-release.
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