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This page describes the planning for Acumos events at ONS 2018.

Acumos Day: Monday March 26

Below is a draft plan for the Acumos Day sessions. We will have a dedicated room with projector etc. The goal is to help potential members to get to know more in detail what Acumos is about and how they could benefit by joining. A secondary goal is to bring current members together for deeper-dive sessions and breakouts as below.

Attending: Nat will generate an attendee list

Draft presentations will be provided by 3/14 and reviewed then. Templates will provided here.

Room Location: Holiday Ballroom II

09:00-9:15WelcomeWelcome and introduction to the day's agenda.Mazin Gilbert, AT&T
09:15-10:00KeynoteIntro to the Acumos project: vision, rationale, strategic goals, architecture, and modeler/user experience at a high level. Focused on cementing the value of participation in Acumos and the rest of the day's agenda, to current and potential members. Set broad agenda for what's next for the day and the platform (e.g. features, technologies, release schedule).Jack Murray, AT&T
10:00-11:00Acumos OverviewTechnical overview of the project: next level overview of architecture, software, and modeler/user experience at a demo level (e.g. walkthru of workflows for a demo model).Raj Balasubramanian, Sachin Janokar, TechM

11:30-12:30Model Use CasesWhat can you do with the platform; current included model examples, additional use cases for modelers and federated Portal providers: telecom, healthcare, IoT, etc. Ofer Hermoni, Amdocs,
12:30-2:00 p.m.Acumos Mini Summit: Lunch, BreakoutAcumos Mini Summit: Lunch, Breakouts
2:00 - 3:00 p.m.Technical Deep-Dive

How the platform is conceptualized/designed to work in detail, what technologies it leverages. Dive into limited detail on the components of the platform (one or two...) and additional info available.

Demos/examples of those technologies in action: tools and workflows in detail for different modeling toolkits, how the modeler uses the design studio to build model applications, ...

Mantan, Tech Mahindara,

Manoop Talasila, AT&T

Acumos Tech Deep Dive Slides PDF

3:00-4:00 pm

Panel Discussion

Member AI Use Cases - Market Value Propositions

Eyal Felstaine, Head of Technology Office, Amdocs


Alla Goldner–Director, Technology, Strategy & Standarization, Amdocs

Paul André-Raymond -  SVP Technology,  B.yond (AI-based 5G Network Automation)

Jesse Steinweg-Woods, Senior Data Scientist at Tronc

Ewing Gillaspy, Worldwide Lead for IBM Watson: Talent

4:00-5:00 pmCommunity deep-dive

Developer onboarding, repos, code, maven…organization.

LF IT Staff;

Bryan Sullivan, AT&T; Sachin Janokar, Tech Mahindra

2018 Acumos AI Community.pdf

Other Sessions

Following are suggestions for deeper-dive discussions on specific topics, as we find time etc.


Tuesday 9-11 AM

Broadway Room

TSC initial meeting

Since many of the signed members will likely be represented at ONS, we plan to hold a first Acumos TSC meetup. Members that have signed will meet to discuss structure, release planning, etc. A bridge will be provided for members that can't attend in person.

A draft agenda follows. There will be a general call for input on these topics ahead of the meeting.

  • TSC organization
    • Per the charter and as needed beyond it, discuss/decide the TSC structure, roles (chair, release manager, ...), elections, meeting schedule etc
  • Projects vs components/repos
    • Breaking into a small number of project teams working on one or more related components, with enough charter and resources for their scope. A smaller/broader set of projects initially will help form a more cohesive community and architecture view.
  • Initiating projects, with committer/PTL assignments/elections
    • Once we have an approved set of projects, we will need to elect PTLs and committers
  • Release roadmap
    • To keep momentum, it's expected that the next release of Acumos will occur around Q3'18
    • First release and roadmapped features
  • Communications
    • What tools the community plans to use for internal and external communication, and related infra / best practices
  • Other committees to be formed under the TSC and Board, e.g.
    • Marketing
    • End-user: since the community will be focused on two main tracks (developing the Acumos platform, and collaboratively developing models through it), the latter focus may benefit from a committee of end-users (modelers and Acumos model users) who provide input on the operation and best practices for the federated community of modelers and model users.
  • Training for member developers and modelers, and platform users (modelers and model users)

Community Practices

Community policies and best practices to be established in TSC charter addendums or “getting started” content on the wiki. Includes such aspects as:

  • Code contribution and review; use of git and gerrit, infra supporting commit gates, etc
  • Jira practices, including as related to code contribution (if used for that, other than general project management)
  • Build/test infra, e.g. for CI/CD (as applicable, when ready)
  • Documentation processes and publication on
  • Git repo replication to github
  • Wiki content development
  • Structure of technical community meetings, e.g. for TSC, technical community generic discussions, and project-specific discussions
  • Community health monitoring, e.g. using bitergia or other data-mining tools

Zoom Information for the TSC MeetingJoin from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android:

Or iPhone one-tap :
    US: +16699006833,,137231283# or +16465588656,,137231283#
Or Telephone:
    Dial(for higher quality, dial a number based on your current location):
        US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656 or +1 877 369 0926 (Toll Free) or +1 855 880 1246 (Toll Free)
    Meeting ID: 137 231 283
    International numbers available:

Acumos at the main ONS Show

Acumos Sessions (accepted)

WhenSession TitleAbstractPresenter

Tuesday, March 27 4:45 – 5:35pm

Artificial Intelligence for Autonomous Networks

Panel discussionMazin Gilbert, AT&T
Tuesday, March 27 3:45-4:35 pm

Can humans efficiently deal with ALL the complexities of the NFV network or are we ready for Artificial-Intelligence-assisted network orchestration and management?

We’ve learned so much since the advent of NFV 5 years ago. We have live deployments and a global solution (ONAP), and our live-network experience has taught us to use model-driven approaches to reduce human engineering and operation efforts, and also overheads. But can these approaches handle the huge complexities of NFV-related network, technologies and applications – or is autonomous networks the answer?

NFV & Cyber expert Dr Eyal Felstaine played a key role in introducing NFV, and actively continues to shape its direction. In this session, he discusses the network of the near future – designed and operated by humans, but ASSISTED by AI “agents”.From automated operations to service design, AI can reduce management overheads and make operations easier – providing you understand how much (and where) to apply AI to alleviate increases in complexity and associated cyber-security threats

Eyal Felstaine, Amdocs

Demo Booth on the ONS Show Floor ("Sponsor & Solutions Showcase")

LF has arrange a 10X10 Booth where we can schedule demos, and in-between demos intro Acumos to show participants, plan deep-dives with interested attendees, etc. 

Booth Number: TBA

Please note all booths are located in the foyer space so LF Events will be roping off and closing booths during keynotes, however, they cannot officially close the foyer area during sessions and lunch breaks. Two (2) boxed lunches per booth will be provided for staff covering lunch breaks on Wednesday and Thursday.

LF ONS Overview Schedule for quick reference of keynote and session times: Acumos at ONS 2018

LF Booth Best Practice Reference Guide: Acumos at ONS 2018

The following is a schedule for support of the demo booth. Feel free to add suggestions for specific demos, or periods of time that you can help us staff the booth. 

ONS 2018 Booth Guide: 

Tuesday, March 27 1-3 p.m.

1-3Booth setup

LF, Bryan Sullivan, Manoop Talasila, Sachin Janorkar

3-5Acumos Demos

Jack Murray AT&T

Paul-Andre Raymond, B.Yond (3-4 p.m.)

Rajaram Balasubramanian

4-6Acumos Demos

Manoop Talasila, Natarajan Subramanian

6-7Acumos Demos

Bryan Sullivan, Natarajan Subramanian

Wednesday, March 28th 10:35 a.m. - 7 p.m.

10:30-NoonBooth setup

Jack Murray AT&T

Ofer Hermoni, Amdocs (10:35am-1pm), Rajaram Balasubramanian, Mukesh Mantan

Noon-2Acumos DemosOfer Hermoni, Amdocs (10:35am-1pm), Sachin Janorkar
2-4Acumos Demos

Bryan Sullivan, Mukesh Mantan

4-6Acumos Demos

Bryan Sullivan, Natarajan Subramanian

6-7Acumos Demos

Paul-Andre Raymond, B.Yond (5-7 p.m.)

Bryan Sullivan, Natarajan Subramanian

Thursday, March 29th 10:40 a.m. - 6 p.m.

10:40-NoonAcumos Demos

Jack Murray AT&T

Paul-Andre Raymond, B.Yond (3-5 p.m.), Rajaram Balasubramanian

Noon-2Acumos Demos

Bryan Sullivan, Sachin Janorkar

2-3Acumos Demos

Bryan Sullivan, Mukesh Mantan

3-6Booth tear-down (quiet hours)

LF, Bryan Sullivan, Rajaram Balsubramanian

6-7Booth tear-down (regular)

Demos being planned for the booth sessions


Deploying Composite Solution with Image Models

Image Classifier, Emotion Classifier, Face BlurAdditive value of modelsin development
ONAP vFW Anomaly DetectorONAP- SDC and DCAE integration
in development
Design Studio and Probe ( Composite Solution - Image/Mood Classifier)
Composing models in Design studioin testing
VM Predictor

in development
Threat Analytics

1-Click Acumos Platform Deployment
Ease of getting started
General Portal experience walkthrusOnboarding, Marketplace, Federation

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