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Docs Structure

Types of Documentation

Documentation is maintained in two separate ways: 1) the traditional wiki maintained outside of CI/CD;  and 2) Automated Developer Notes using CI/CD


Automated Website

Space for contributors to plan

  • Meeting Notes
  • Planning
  • Infrequently Updated Documentation
  • Events
  • Presentations

Discussion Forums on the Questions forum

Automatic generation of Developer Guides and Readme website

  • Create and maintain documentation targeted to users and developers of Acumos
  • Establish and maintain a tool chain that supports the integration of documentation.
  • Builds documentation artifacts for each release.

Automated Documentation using RST and Sphinx Tool

Documentation UsersTools to Maintain Documentation

Platform Administrators

  • pulling, building, running, editing, and pushing source code

RST format files

  • stored under each git repositorie's docs directory


  • installing, configuring, and monitoring an Acumos instance

Sphinx tool

  • authors create source for documents in reStructuredText (RST) that is rendered to HTML susing Sphinx
  • text based format makes it easy for managing the documentation through gerrit.

Acumos User or Tester

  • onboarding, designing, and publishing AI models

Jenkins job

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