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This is the home page for the Acumos TSC Architecture Committee, as approved for formation by the TSC on 2018 03 27. See Architecture Committee for the charter of the committee.

The overall goal for this committee is to establish Acumos platform architecture and implementation plans at component, function, interface etc levels as needed to support use cases published by the Product Committee.

Architecture Sub-Committee Meeting Details




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Wednesday 10 - 11 AM ETArchitecture Committee

Manoop Talasila

Standing meetings of the Acumos Architecture Committee

Zoom 2:

See Meetings


The Meetings subpage provides meeting schedule, agendas, minutes, etc for the Architecture Committee.


This section will describe the role pf the Architecture committee in the overall Acumos release planning and implementation process. Below is a draft process for new feature planning:

1) The Product committee develops and hands off use case documentation to the Architecture committee, for design and implementation planning.
2) The Architecture committee creates a high-level design that is documented on / referenced from this page, or subpages. Documents are created to define any details beyond a high level description of the implementation impacts to Acumos components, and include diagrams, data flows, etc as needed to ensure the technical implementation details are clear, complete, accurate.
3) The Architecture committee agrees with the Product committee oversight, that the detailed design meets the goals of the use case.
A modification of the above is where a design issue or major bug is first discussed in the Architecture committee and referred to the Product committee once the Architecture committee has generally agreed on a high-level approach to implementing a solution. The Product committee needs to consider the impact (of delaying implementation) vs effort of implementing, in their release planning.


This section will summarize the current work items of the Architecture committee.

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  1. Hello, i will follow this comittee as an Orange representative.