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Basic How-To

Select Macro

  1. Select the Insert More Content menu item
  2. Select diagram

Video tutorial

Insert Blank Canvas

  1.  Select the diagram category
  2. Press Select. This opens a blank drawing canvas.

Template Manager video tutorial

Blank Drawing Canvas

See the Resources section for docs and video tutorials.

A diagram's revision history is saved within Confluence's Page History functionality.

Revision History video tutorial

Insert a Diagram Template

In addition to inserting a blank drawing canvas, you can insert a diagram template.

  1. Select a diagram category as you did in the Insert Blank Canvas step
  2. Press Copy to add the diagram to the wiki page

Template Manager video tutorial

Edit a Diagram Created From a Template

Edit the diagram as you would one created from a blank template. The changes you make do not affect the original template.

View of Diagram on Wiki Page

Edit Existing Diagram on Wiki Page

Note: the wiki page is not in Edit mode

  1. Hover your mouse over the diagram so the macro's menu appears
  2. Select the pencil icon to open the editing canvas

Configure Diagram Display

Note: the wiki page is in Edit mode

  1. Select the diagram
  2. Select Edit Macro
  3. Configure as desired using the fields in the pop-up window
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