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Basic How-To

Open Other Macros

  1. Select the Insert More Content ('+') top menu item
  2. Select Other macros

Search and Select SonarQube Connector Macro

  1. Type "Sonar" in the Search field
  2. Select SonarQube Connector Macro from the results

Resource Key Field

  1. The server is already configured but you need the Resource Key of your Sonar project

Find Resource Key in Sonar

  1. Go to Acumos SonarQube and locate your project's  dashboard
  2. Find the Key in the lower R corner and copy it

Add Resource Key and Refresh Preview

  1. Paste the key from Sonar into the Resource Key field
    1. Note: multiple projects may be added as a comma-delimited list of keys
  2. Press the Preview Refresh  icon button to refresh the display

Insert Refreshed Macro

  1. Press Insert to insert the macro into your wiki page

View of SonarQube Connector on Wiki Page

This is an exmaple of Sonar information displayed on a wiki page. The links are clickable and will take you to the relevant page in Sonar.

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