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The following are some good ways to learn more and get involved with Acumos.

Get a Linux Foundation ID

If you do not already have a Linux Foundation identity, you can create one at

When creating a LFID, ensure that:

  • The LFID is Unix user name compliant (no space and no underscore)

Need support from Linux Foundation?

For any technical issue related to Linux Foundation Tool Chain contact:

Explore the Platform Components

Contributors Communication

Take a look at the Communication page for ways you can communicate with Acumos contributors.

Ways to Get Started

You can look in Jira for opportunities to contribute.  However, there may be ways to contribute that haven't been entered into Jira:

  • Enhancing unit test coverage: we all like a test-driven development approach, but sometimes it just doesn't happen that way. Many projects need more unit test coverage. Take a look at the code gerrit for components which interest you.  Then you can reach out to the PTL and offer to help with unit tests.
  • Enhancing documentation in the code: for Java code, enhance Javadoc comments; for Python code, enhance Docstring comments – both are excellent ways to learn the codebase 
  • Enhancing documentation in RST format: all components should have a developer guide in reStructuredText format; some may have tutorials; if you find files in Markdown format (.md), you can convert them to reStructuredText (.rst)

Working on low-priority bugs is another good way to get started contributing to a project.

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