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This is a guide for Acumos software developers to Tag and Branch after Major Release.

Always create a branch after the Major Release 

When working with a git repository cloned from Gerrit you can create as many local branches as you like.  Note that none of the branches will be pushed to the remote Gerrit server, the branches remain forever private.  Creating branches for each task will allow you to work on multiple independent tasks in parallel, let you recover gracefully from various situations, and generally save aggravation and time.

For Example 

Athena release branches for every repos ( Guidance) 

  Create the branch named “athena” in gerrit

  Also, highly recommended to create the gerrit tag for the Athena version. Example, CDS would have a tag in gerrit saying “1.18.02”.


 .  a) In gerrit find your project, go to the Branches sub-tab, type “athena” in the Branch Name field, type HEAD in the Initial Revision field, then click the Create Branch button. Screenshot:

b) Adding a tag in Gerrit is very much like creating a branch in Gerrit.  Choose a name, choose a revision (HEAD works), and click the Create Tag button. Screenshot:


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