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This page is a work in progress!

This page will provide developer/user guidance on setting up an Acumos instance, as a supplement to Acumos documents. Currently there is a "One Click" installation guide with accompanying scripts but no guide for manual installation. The goal of this page in the interim is to fill those gaps, as we solidify the related info in the docs.

Info/efforts to be addressed here include:

  • Automated scripts that execute parts, and ultimately all of the installation process - One Click Installation Guide
  • Different types of install environments to be supported, e.g.
    • Multi-node in a private baremetal lab
    • Multi-node in a private OpenStack lab
    • Public cloud based

The install process will enable selection of the Acumos version to deploy. The default version to deploy is the latest stable version, currently 1.13. Go to <url> to determine if there is a later version you can deploy. How you select the version will be described when the installer script is available.

Scripted All-in-One Installation

The One Click Deploy User Guide can be found on the front page of

Manual Installation


Minimum required machines for running an instance of Acumos is 2 for docker-compose method on Ubuntu 16.04:

  • Application Server with Docker Engine.
  • DB Server with Marida DB 10.2

CPU Cores MinimumCPU Cores RecommendedMemory MinimumMemory RecommendedDisk SizeOSVersionPublic IPTypeDescription
81632 GB64100 GBUbuntu16.04YesCore-VMApplication Server
81632 GB64100 GBUbuntu16.04NoDB-VMDatabase Server

DB-VM Setup

**setup accounts**

Login to the Database Server eg: db-vm which Ubuntu 16.04 pre-installed and become root

Create a user (eg acumosopr)

**install mariadb**

Download the scripts on to the Database Server (eg: DB-vm)

**configure acumos database**

Following are the steps to install and setup acumos-application after the required servers (dbVM) are setup.


  • DATABASENAME = acumos_1_7_0
  • USERNAME = acumos_opr

create database:
mysql -u root -p

drop database if exists DATABASENAME;
create database DATABASENAME;
create user 'USERNAME'@'localhost' identified by 'USERPASSWORD';
grant all on DATABASENAME.* to 'USERNAME'@'localhost';
create user 'USERNAME'@'%' identified by 'USERPASSWORD';
grant all on DATABASENAME.* to 'USERNAME'@'%';
flush privileges;

or control-C out

as the working user:

create tables and data ( DDLs and DMLs)

Access the database installation scripts here

click on cmn-data-svc-ddl-dml-mysql-\*.sql where \* is DB version, click RAW control-A Control-C to copy

create DDL.sql file and paste to it, add line to begining:


save DDL.sql

run: mysql -u USERNAME -p < DDL.sql

Nexus Server Setup

Create Private Repositories to hold Models and Artifacts

Nexus Repositories.

              Create Private Repositories to hold Models and Artifacts

               Example Nexus Repo Details

companyA_model_roDockerRead OnlyML Model Docker ImagescompanyA _repo_model_docker
companyA_model_rwDockerRead WriteML Model Docker ImagescompanyA _repo _model_docker
companyA _model_roMavenRead OnlyML TOSCA/Raw/codecompanyA _repo _model_maven
companyA _model_rwMavenRead WriteML TOSCA/Raw/codecompanyA _repo _model_maven

Core-VM Setup

**setup accounts**

Login to the Application server eg: core-vm with ubuntu 16.04 pre-installed and become root

Create working user id (eg. acumosopr)

**install docker**

Download the scripts on to the Application server (eg: core-vm)

Execute the script as root to install and configure Docker software - ". /tmp/"

**Note** If you are using insecure docker registries, update /etc/docker/daemon.json file accordingly

**install java, and mavin (Do not need as Hippo CMS service is now dockerized)**

add-apt-repository ppa:webupd8team/java

apt-get update

apt-get install oracle-java8-installer

apt-get install maven

**install acumos**

**configure acumos**

**install hippo cms**

**startup docker processes**

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  1. Dear, I can see that the installation of Acumos requires Ubuntu 16.04. (see It is possible to install Acumos on Redhat OS? Thanks in advance. Best Regards.

  2. Nice page, going through the installation

    The AIO VM size is 16, but here we are recommending 64 - When I finish the install on an AWS spot VM I'll compare notes.

    Issues: as I progress through the install

    ACUMOS-851 - Getting issue details... STATUS

    The script brings up a grub-pc dialog (that would pause automated installs) - the VM is a clean Ubuntu 16.04.2 on us-east-1 on AWS using an R4.large spot instance

    Script is not re-runnable

    Acumos Installation

    selecting ok on keeping the version - causes the script to fail
    # trying a different option
    ubuntu@ip-172-31-60-143:~/system-integration/AIO$ sudo ./ 
    Reading state information... Done
    E: Unable to locate package linux-image-extra-4.4.0-1049-aws
    E: Couldn't find any package by glob 'linux-image-extra-4.4.0-1049-aws'
    E: Couldn't find any package by regex 'linux-image-extra-4.4.0-1049-aws'
    ++ fail
    ++ log ''
    +++ awk '{print $2}'
    +++ caller 0
    ++ f=fail
    +++ caller 0
    +++ awk '{print $1}'
    ++ l=34
    ++ echo
    +++ date
    ++ echo 'fail:34 (Fri May 11 18:29:41 UTC 2018) '
    fail:34 (Fri May 11 18:29:41 UTC 2018) 
    ++ exit 1

    Installing the package maintainer's version breaks the install as well

    Moving to Azure just to check

    1. it looks like the uname part of the docker install, installing this manually and commenting out this line in the install gets past docker setup

        sudo apt-get install -y \     linux-image-extra-$(uname -r) \     linux-image-extra-virtual

      Digest: sha256:72523224fa2cef618a9e8954bac21cd55fe320b6e68ba611f27c41e0d2640447 Status: Downloaded newer image for 

      ubuntu@ip-172-31-60-228:~$ sudo docker ps
      CONTAINER ID        IMAGE                                                 COMMAND                  CREATED             STATUS              PORTS                                                                                         NAMES
      afa39db75934        kong:0.11                                             "/docker-entrypoint.…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>8000/tcp,>8001/tcp,>8443/tcp,>8444/tcp   acumos_kong_1
      952f648ad4cc      "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>8085/tcp                                                                        acumos_portal-fe_1
      757ceefa7345         "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>8090/tcp                                                                        acumos_onboarding-app_1
      b355fa99fdc7      "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    9011/tcp,>9084/tcp                                                              acumos_federation-gateway_1
      614b7b173da2      "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    8083/tcp                                                                                      acumos_portal-be_1
      e69d0230e872         "/usr/local/bin/dock…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour                                                                                                  acumos_filebeat_1
      5d317cd0f8bb    "/bin/sh -c 'java -X…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    9081/tcp                                                                                      acumos_azure-client_1
      d6db55627deb       "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>9080/tcp                                                                        acumos_cms_1
      91b13dfcdbb9        sonatype/nexus3:3.9.0                                 "sh -c ${SONATYPE_DI…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>8001-8003/tcp,>8081/tcp                                      acumos_nexus_1
      158802c95df0        postgres:9.5                                          "docker-entrypoint.s…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>5432/tcp                                                                        acumos_kong-database_1
      f0564e008713   "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    8088/tcp                                                                                      acumos_ds-compositionengine_1
      3d552ab715c6   "python validation_m…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    9604/tcp                                                                                      acumos_validation-middleware_1
      674cb9d41af7       "python validation_e…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    9605/tcp                                                                                      acumos_validation-engine_1
      1cdc2b4843b2       "python validation_c…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour    9603/tcp                                                                                      acumos_validation-client_1
      6f91fb238c95     "/bin/sh -c 'cd /mav…"   About an hour ago   Up About an hour>8000/tcp                                                                        acumos_common-data-svc_1
  3. Dear,there is failed of docker_login when i'm installed acumos by script.  

    my docker-version:Docker version 18.03.1-ce, build 9ee9f40

    the failed info:

    and  also failed when i'm visited the repo by browser :

    Could you give me any suggest ?

     Looking forward to your guidance! Thank you very much!